Monday, April 11, 2011

Beroemde gasten op de uitvaart van Koning Boudewijn

The idea for showing this movie came from The Cross of Laeken who showed the funeral of King Umberto II of Italy, husband of Princess Marie-Jose of Belgium. They  show the royal figures of around the world who came to the funeral of King Baudouin. I saw the Crown Prince of Italy though I don't think they point him out and I think they made a mistake confusing the Crown Princess of Sweden with the Queen of Sweden.

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  1. The Queen was there?! I'm shocked. I thought the Queen never attended royal weddings or funerals on the continent. Glad to see it but, wow, that's rare. She must have had a great deal of respect for King Baudouin because I've never heard of another such case. Usually the Prince of Wales or Prince Edward is sent to such occasions.