Friday, July 29, 2011

Princess Lilian

The consort of SM King Leopold III, who has been treated so unfairly by public perception. A video via The Cross of Laeken:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belgium-Norway Connections

As everyone is still in shock over the tragedy in Norway but also there are new connections having been found between the terrorist suspect and Belgium. In his really odd "manifesto" the shooter makes numerous mentions of Belgium and even related a list of targets for terrorist attacks such as oil refineries and nuclear plants in Antwerp and Liege. He also makes Belgium a special target for his hoped-for war because 9-12% of the population in Belgium is now Muslim. The Knights Templar organization to which he says he belongs also, supposedly, has one member and who is the co-founder of the group in Belgium. He also pointed to Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter as someone good to argue his cause for what he was "fighting" for (I would only call it real fighting when the other side is able to fight back against you). It is also known that the Norwegian terrorist sent messages to radical right-wing leaders across Europe including to Tanguy Veys, an MP for the Vlaams Belang. Party leader Bruno Valkeniers has said that VB has no connection or sympathy with the terrorist but it is really revealing that he evidently sympathized with them. It is also not a surprise to me really that exceprts from the terrorist's manifesto were published in the Brussels Journal which has long been known for its right-wing opposition to the monarchie and the very idea of a united and independent Belgium. The leader of Brussels Journal, Paul Belien, is also a close friend of Geert Wilders the controversial Dutch politician who was also praised in the manifesto. Paul Belien has made his living for a long time by attacking the Kings of Belgium, the country of Belgium and calling for Flemish independence and a campaign for racial/cultural "purity".

Monday, July 25, 2011

The King, Elections and Norway

The King has sent all the negotiators home for a break from the government formation efforts, saying that everyone, their staff workers included, needed a vacation from the constant negotiations. The King also is in need of this as the palace and even Queen Paola have said that his health is becoming weakened by the stress and anxiety of this issue, he must take medication to sleep and is becoming more exhausted. All the time that goes by makes it seem more likely new elections will be called but the King has resisted this for fear that another attempt at voting could only increase the strength of the N-VA. We also note with great sadness the tragedy that has happened in Norway, our close friends and allies, by a ultra-right extremist. It is also noteworthy that in the manifesto published by the mass-murderer is praise for the extremist parties across Europe, including the N-VA. This should, I think, really give the Flemish people some concern for the party a majority have voted for. Obviously, any party which such a hate-filled murderer could admire does not share the common values of the Flemish people who are, I am sure, as sickened by this event as anyone. I know, it is half my family and they are proud to be Flemish but not at all hateful of any other people (they also really think of themselves as Belgians and never would vote N-VA anyway but). If this man considers Bart De Wever a great political leader that should be sufficient cause really for anyone to want to keep him out of any position of power in Europe.

110721 National Day Belgium II

Thursday, July 21, 2011

King Albert II Applauded for Speech

Everyone knows the King as a jovial man who liked to laugh but he is serious in his concern for Belgium and people were surprised this National Day by how forceful and frustrated the King was in his speech. You can see it in French and Dutch. I am in complete agreement. The King said, quoting the English constitutional monarchy theoretician, that the King can advise, be advised and warn and since he had given all the advice he can and been given advice from the politicians now he has decided to use his power to warn. He warned that the politicians need to grow up and get along or else all of the people will soon suffer, also that Belgian interests around the world will suffer -the King making mention of the crisis of women abuse in the Congo that he wants the UN and EU to address and also he warned that Belgium was a model for European integration and that if Belgium cannot get along with Brussels being the capital city of Europe it could be a terrible blow for the whole European Union. And that is all perfectly true. After the speech, at a concert and at a Church thanksgiving, the King has been warmly applauded and most seem very supportive of him and in total agreement with his statement. I have already heard numerous say it is his best speech ever, certainly his most impassioned plea for national unity. There has also been more talk, in Gazet van Antwerpen, that the frustrated King is tired of these constant squabbles and wishes to abdicate to give the throne to Prince Philippe but only after the current crisis is resolved. Really, this is speculation, no one knows that and as much as I like Prince Philippe I would also not like to see the King abdicate, the only other abdication in the Belgian monarchy having a bad impression. Really this shows though the level of concern the King has and how heavy he has felt in his heart over his hard duties in trying to make a compromise so the government can be formed to handle the business important of the country. He is doing his best, with the best motives and it is good to see him have some appreciation this National Day. Leve de Koning! Vive le Roi!

First National Day

Leopold Ier becomes first King of the Belgians!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Father to Son

On July 16, 1951 SM King Leopold III abdicated his throne in the face of leftist opposition lingering from World War II. The next day, yesterday in history, his son Baudouin became King of the Belgians. This time was controversial but I think it is offensive that it is so. The justification claimed by the enemies of the monarchie, whose face was King Leopold III, was his remaining with his army and staying in Belgium during the German occupation. Really, this was just a distraction. The King only did his duty and what happened in World War II was not the reason for the opposition to King Leopold. These people really hated the kingdom altogether. They were not really happy that Baudouin becoming king, they would rather have had no king at all and be a Marxist republic. It is also not much talked about that there was a vote on the future of King Leopold and the majority voted for him to remain king because he had done nothing wrong, he was the rightful monarch and that was only justice. Also interesting is that he had more support in Flanders than in Wallonie, but the radicals made such trouble that the King, and King Leopold was a compassionate man, did not want to risk any civil strife, perhaps even violence, by the radical minority in order to keep his throne and so he abdicated to give the throne for his son. I have shown before the video also of the leftist protest at the swearing-in of King Baudouin so it is obvious they were not having a reasonable position. They hated King Leopold no matter what he did and they hated King Baudouin before he even finished taking the oath to be king so he had not the chance to do anything to displease anyone. It was only unreasonable prejudice against the Belgian dynasty because of who they were.

I would be happy if this was only a sad page of history but we can see today it still continues as King Albert II  pleads with the politicians to put the good of the nation first and come to an agreement with each other but they do not listen, only their political power and personal prejudices mean anything to them.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flemish Queen of England

The Mad Monarchist profiles Queen Mathildis van Vlaanderen, wife of William the Conqueror who took over England for the Normans in 1066.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Belgians in Monte Carlo

 The whole Royal Family was in Monaco for the wedding of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene. Here are some photos of them

Many of the royal men wore white uniforms but not the Belgians (do we still have whites?) and this picture Prince Philippe looks to be giving a 'thumbs up' to Prince Albert

Queen Paola and King Albert II -I noticed King Albert was the only foreign royalty to wear his sash and medal of the Knight Grand Cross of St Charles for Monaco

 But the poor King and Queen got seated next to the little French president who did not even have his wife along with him. No luck.

And speaking no luck, Prince Laurent of course fell down. He would, wouldn't he? If anyone is going to have to fall down you know it is going to be Prince Laurent. I really feel more and more sympathy for him.