Monday, July 25, 2011

The King, Elections and Norway

The King has sent all the negotiators home for a break from the government formation efforts, saying that everyone, their staff workers included, needed a vacation from the constant negotiations. The King also is in need of this as the palace and even Queen Paola have said that his health is becoming weakened by the stress and anxiety of this issue, he must take medication to sleep and is becoming more exhausted. All the time that goes by makes it seem more likely new elections will be called but the King has resisted this for fear that another attempt at voting could only increase the strength of the N-VA. We also note with great sadness the tragedy that has happened in Norway, our close friends and allies, by a ultra-right extremist. It is also noteworthy that in the manifesto published by the mass-murderer is praise for the extremist parties across Europe, including the N-VA. This should, I think, really give the Flemish people some concern for the party a majority have voted for. Obviously, any party which such a hate-filled murderer could admire does not share the common values of the Flemish people who are, I am sure, as sickened by this event as anyone. I know, it is half my family and they are proud to be Flemish but not at all hateful of any other people (they also really think of themselves as Belgians and never would vote N-VA anyway but). If this man considers Bart De Wever a great political leader that should be sufficient cause really for anyone to want to keep him out of any position of power in Europe.

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