Thursday, July 21, 2011

King Albert II Applauded for Speech

Everyone knows the King as a jovial man who liked to laugh but he is serious in his concern for Belgium and people were surprised this National Day by how forceful and frustrated the King was in his speech. You can see it in French and Dutch. I am in complete agreement. The King said, quoting the English constitutional monarchy theoretician, that the King can advise, be advised and warn and since he had given all the advice he can and been given advice from the politicians now he has decided to use his power to warn. He warned that the politicians need to grow up and get along or else all of the people will soon suffer, also that Belgian interests around the world will suffer -the King making mention of the crisis of women abuse in the Congo that he wants the UN and EU to address and also he warned that Belgium was a model for European integration and that if Belgium cannot get along with Brussels being the capital city of Europe it could be a terrible blow for the whole European Union. And that is all perfectly true. After the speech, at a concert and at a Church thanksgiving, the King has been warmly applauded and most seem very supportive of him and in total agreement with his statement. I have already heard numerous say it is his best speech ever, certainly his most impassioned plea for national unity. There has also been more talk, in Gazet van Antwerpen, that the frustrated King is tired of these constant squabbles and wishes to abdicate to give the throne to Prince Philippe but only after the current crisis is resolved. Really, this is speculation, no one knows that and as much as I like Prince Philippe I would also not like to see the King abdicate, the only other abdication in the Belgian monarchy having a bad impression. Really this shows though the level of concern the King has and how heavy he has felt in his heart over his hard duties in trying to make a compromise so the government can be formed to handle the business important of the country. He is doing his best, with the best motives and it is good to see him have some appreciation this National Day. Leve de Koning! Vive le Roi!


  1. Oh bother. I was rather excited hearing about this speech until the King tied Belgian unity with the survival of the European Union. When will the crowned heads realize that the EU is not their friend? Even the people should be waking up to that fact now. I adore Belgium but please, PLEASE, don't nail your colors of the mast of the EU! It is a sinking ship and I hope Belgium doesn't choose to go down with it.

  2. I did not think you would like that part, but most people support the EU in Belgium and, like it or not, the EU is very important to Europe now and what would happen to it would have big consequences for the country. I am not such a big supporter anymore also but it is a fact and must be given consideration.

  3. Gentlemen,
    I will let you debate betwixt yourselves at the consequences of the ties of Belgium to the EU.
    For my part, I am celebrating our independence and I say Vive Le Roi!!

  4. The king's speech was a very good remedy for the unity of our country. Everyone has to realise that we are the centre of Europe and indeed we are linked with Europe. If there is not a government yet after summer, we will see big consequences. The financial markets and the European Commission won't be patient forever.