Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belgium-Norway Connections

As everyone is still in shock over the tragedy in Norway but also there are new connections having been found between the terrorist suspect and Belgium. In his really odd "manifesto" the shooter makes numerous mentions of Belgium and even related a list of targets for terrorist attacks such as oil refineries and nuclear plants in Antwerp and Liege. He also makes Belgium a special target for his hoped-for war because 9-12% of the population in Belgium is now Muslim. The Knights Templar organization to which he says he belongs also, supposedly, has one member and who is the co-founder of the group in Belgium. He also pointed to Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter as someone good to argue his cause for what he was "fighting" for (I would only call it real fighting when the other side is able to fight back against you). It is also known that the Norwegian terrorist sent messages to radical right-wing leaders across Europe including to Tanguy Veys, an MP for the Vlaams Belang. Party leader Bruno Valkeniers has said that VB has no connection or sympathy with the terrorist but it is really revealing that he evidently sympathized with them. It is also not a surprise to me really that exceprts from the terrorist's manifesto were published in the Brussels Journal which has long been known for its right-wing opposition to the monarchie and the very idea of a united and independent Belgium. The leader of Brussels Journal, Paul Belien, is also a close friend of Geert Wilders the controversial Dutch politician who was also praised in the manifesto. Paul Belien has made his living for a long time by attacking the Kings of Belgium, the country of Belgium and calling for Flemish independence and a campaign for racial/cultural "purity".

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