Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Spirit of 14

In the difficult times of today, with everyone grumbling about austerity measures and having to cut back, some being tempted, as usual, to blame one side or the other based on prejudice, think about the generations before that have had to face much, much worse challenges and did that with great stoic courage and patriotism. Belgium should have a new national campaign to revive the "Spirit of 1914" to be inspired by the heroism and sacrifice of those people who faced the first great invasion of the country with determination, unity, patriotism and loyalty for the King and the country and each other. Everyone remember the "Spirit of 14"!


  1. Love this post!! Thank you for reminding us of our true heritage!
    L'Union fait la Force!!
    A quick question: I very much the 4th tile of the image. Do you happen to know its origin?
    God speed,

    1. You mean one on the bottom-right? That was a postcard for the victory in 1918. I can post up the larger version by itself if you like.