Tuesday, January 18, 2011

King Baudouin Visits Congo 1955


  1. Thanks for posting this. I've only seen a couple very short video clips of Baudouin in the Congo, both in black & white, so this was a real treat. Everyone seemed very happy to see him, and it was such a short time before independence. I would post it over to my blog but I'm sure all the blatant nudity would give the good people of Kansas the vapors. ;-)

  2. Everything I have seen of the royal visits to the Congo the Kings were always welcomed warmly and there is more, perhaps the word coverage, of King Baudouin and he was very popular. All of that shows that the independence agitators were a small but powerful group and I do not think they represented the majority view of the ordinary people in Congo. If you asked all the ordinary people I think they would want the King-Sovereign to remain.

    And I had to consider for a minute but I remember now the Kansas reference. Europe does not see the nude form so evil as America but Africa is still different. It is so hot there of course the people would not wear alot of clothes. Even in the whites I am sure the king was boiling!