Friday, January 14, 2011

Pro Belgica

In response to a question, Pro Belgica is a patriotic organization that was started in 1975, is bilingual, open to anyone of any political ideology or background, to support Belgian unity and national pride in the tricolor Belgian flag. Their original and still core intent is to honor the memory of the campaign of 1830 gave birth the independent Kingdom of Belgium. They still hold many ceremonies to honor the memory of the patriots of 1830 and the war for independence. Also as important today is the campaigns for national unity and Pro Belgica is known for holding mass demonstrations to show the national colors and to show support for the unity and continued independence of Belgium. This also means to show respect and the importance of the King and in the past this has put Pro Belgica in some controversy at times for their efforts to defend the monarchie and past kings when they are under unfair attack as a way to divide and denigrate the national integrity. I am and always have been proud to support them and I think their efforts are important and have a real effect, in contrast to the endless polls, but showing the actual crowds of people who love their country and support it to continue.

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