Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The King Will Not Quit

Rumors, which I never gave credit for truth, that the King was wishing to abdicate are not true according to royal adviser Pierre-Yves Monette. In an interview with RTL-TVi Monette said what we all should know. That after five hundred days of deadlocked negotiations the King is extremely frustrated, Monette said, "After 500 days the King has had enough". In addition though he also says that does not mean the King is ready to quit or desires to abdicate. He is very frustrated with the position of stagnation but he is not frustrated with being our King, which he loves and wishes to continue. I never believed the rumors but it is nice to hear this reassurance. Alone in the (non)government the King is only Belgian and looking out for the country and all the people. Whatever happens with the selfish political class, the King will always be King of the Belgians until he is called by God. I sympathize with his position and am grateful for him doing all he can to preserve the country, our national integrity and showing that we have two (or three) languages but we are ONE people. Leve de koning! Vive l'roi!


  1. I say the King just takes over. Would make it much easier.

  2. I agree. The King should take charge and say he will handle things until the parties can start to act like adults.