Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belgium and the Bonapartes

The Brazen Bonapartist reports on Belgium and the Bonapartes. Also, this is an opportunity to look back on some past posts dealing with that subject: The Duchess of Richmond Ball, General Van Merlen, General Dumonceau, Regent Chokier (an admirer of Napoleon) and the Children of King Leopold II. It was Leopold II's daughter Princess Clementine who married Prince Victor Napoleon (Napoleon V for the Bonapartists) and only recently I again happened to see some pictures of the modern Bonaparte family and had to smile. You can definitely see the genes of King Leopold in them with their prominent noses! The King was, I think, not so happy about his daughter marrying a relative of Napoleon but he seems to have left his mark on the House Bonaparte.


  1. Looks like someone's been "adjusting" the colors on that flag to me... ;-)

  2. Ah, I edited my post to include the thing about the marriage. Thanks for reminding me - I'm just starting out and have much to learn.

  3. Guilty as I am charged MM, you know that to me, no three colors look as good together as black-yellow-red. Monsieur Nicot, I probably would have forgotten also but I just happen to see a Bonaparte family photo a few days ago and the image of all those Leopold II noses is fresh still in my mind.