Monday, February 13, 2012

British-Belgian Friendship

King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth meet British Admiral Beatty

King George V and King Albert I meet early in the war

King Albert I and King George V review Belgian troops

British General Allenby and King Albert I at the front

King Albert and British General Haig

Allied Sovereigns


  1. Hear! Hear!
    Thank you for a very good post! I very much enjoyed seeing the photos you included. I am Belgian and hubby is British...We are very proud of our roots!
    Vive le Roi et Vive la Reine!!

  2. I wish there was more good will between our country and the British. The governments being together in the EU makes little difference when there is animosity among the public. It is not serious I know, but the British always seem to enjoy insulting the Belgians and honestly I think we are guilty of assuming the British are always being deceptive. I would like both countries to have closer and more friendly relations. We have the same Royal Family, our ancestors fought together helping each other and I wish we could all remember that instead of stupid small arguments.

  3. I had to chuckle reading your answer! Trust me, after 37 years of marriage I can attest to some very lively huh...discussions.
    We DO NOT agree on certain elemental things but we call a truce when we deem it necessary.
    When all is said and done, we are not too different from our respective governments: We stand TOGETHER ('l'Union fait la Force' and 'Dieu et mon droit'.
    God bless,

  4. Thank you for this post, the pics are delightfull. I accept what you say about British-Belgian relations and it does concern me. I am a Scotsman, who`s Great Grandfather was Belgian, and i have always had an interest in Belgian history, particularly our shared Royal Family. My Grandfather gave me a photograph of the late King Baudoin and Queen Fabiola, on my tenth birthday telling me that they were my King and Queen as much as Queen Elizabeth was, and this respect has stayed with me all of my life. In Scotland, we are presently tearing ourselves to pieces over the idea of seperation from the rest of the UK, which is extremely distressing to those of us who regard ourselves as equally Scottish and British. I think the example that King Albert is showing, a figure of unity and trustworthiness amidst political strife, is one that our Queen can learn from. Please remember that for every one Nigel Farrage in Britain, there are at least a hundred people who think like me. God bless Belgium and God bless the United Kingdom.

  5. I hope so. If it is Belgium or Great Britain I think we are stronger together than if we divided and both countries are better as allies, not that ever we would be enemies but with less insults and anger back and forth.