Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leopold III Becomes King

Today in 1934 Leopold III became King of the Belgians. I don't say he or any other king was best because Belgium has had only a few kings and been fortunate that all have done very well. I do say that King Leopold III is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly criticized kings, really of any country in his era. He was a very good person, had best intentions, was very faithful to his duty and obligations and wanted the best for his  people. It was a gross injustice that he was obliged to abdicate but he did that to spare his people and more division and possible suffering because the radicals against him threatened violence. He was a great man.

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  1. A great deal of historical analysis of King Leopold focuses on his decision to remain in Belgium, during the occupation, an act which is equated wth collaboration with the German authorities. Yet, King Kristian X of Denmark did exactly this, and unlike Leopold, he did not lead an army to defend his country from invasion. The Danish royal family were not subject to the restrictions and privations that were imposed on the Belgian royal family, and whilst Denmark emerged from occupation virtually unscathed, huge parts of Belgium were devastated. But to this day, Kristian is lauded as a hero, whilst Leopold is branded a traitor. I accept and believe that both Kings were doing what they believed was best for their respective Nations, remaining " in post " under incredibly difficult circumstances, but unfortunately, too many of our historians have selective memories.