Tuesday, May 15, 2012

King Leopold I in "Young Victoria"

In the 2009 film "The Young Victoria" the part of King Leopold I of the Belgians was played by the talented German actor Thomas Kretschmann who I have been a fan of ever since he came out in "Stalingrad" which was a powerful film. He has played parts ranging from Pope John Paul II to Adolf Eichmann. Americans may also remember him from "U-571" and he has had, I think, smaller parts in other American films. He gave, I think, a good performance in "The Young Victoria" but I think the wrote King Leopold I as being too  blunt and cold. He gave the impression of being slightly heartless when, he really just knew that there was romance and there was duty and not always do they coincide. He also maybe tried to push people in the direction he wanted but was not so harsh and blunt about it as in the movie. At least though they showed that he was a major figure in the royal circle of that time and influential in bringing Albert and Victoria together.

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