Monday, May 28, 2012

Belgian Princess, Queen of May

The Mad Monarchist relates the story of Princesse Marie-Jose of Belgium who became the wife of the Prince of Piedmont and later the last Queen of Italy. Her story is very unfortunate, so many difficulties she had to overcome and so much jealousy and slander she had to deal with and is still sometimes the victim of even now. But everyone who knew her said she was the best, most intelligent Queen that Italy ever had and would have been greater still if only she had been given a chance to. She was not interested in ceremony but in service and always wanted to help everyone, just like her parents King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth who always were devoted to their people and wanting to improve their lives any way that they could. She deserved much better, to be able to do the job she had always prepared for at least and also she deserved a happier family life but if she had not married Prince Umberto, who could she have married instead? There really were not much options. But she was a great queen for one month only and still a star in the sky of the royal house of Belgium everyone should be proud of.

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