Monday, December 13, 2010

Vlaams Belang Danger

The Cross of Laeken has a post with a paper showing the true nature of Vlaams Belang. Every concerned citizen should read this! The truth has not been much told about this political party which has the desire to see the Kingdom of Belgium disappear from Europe. Everyone has also heard that the N-VA leader Bart de Wever, who is known for his insults against the country, recently called Belgium the "sick man of Europe". I read my history of the Great War and this was getting my attention. In those days the Turkish empire was known as the "sick man of Europe". It did not much survive the war but perhaps Bart de Wever should recall that the division of the Turkish empire into Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia has been followed by constant and cruel conflict in that part of the world. Is this what he is wanting for Belgium? There really is not any political party that I can totally support but I have not been able to vote really anyway, not long after being capable of voting I have been mostly out of the country and have not voted. The first time I did so I voted B.U.B. and that is considered wasted anyway. For myself, I have strong personal attachment to Flanders but I also have just the same personal attachment to Wallonie. How do you choose to favor one parent over the other? Some people see where I am from and think I am Flemish, some hear me to think I am Wallonne and I say I am Belgian. What else can I be? Which part would I choose to favor? There are some issues Vlaams Belang addresses no one else does that I agree with but how can I support them who would divide the country, dissolve the kingdom and show themselves to be treasonous against the King? Anyone who is putting themselves and their own community first, before the rest of the country, is doing a betrayal of the kingdom. To say I support one region over another is to betray half my family in either case. Everyone else should, I think, feel the same because we are all in one national family. Also if people read the truth of the motives and background of the Vlaams Belang I think they will see that they are being dishonest, not just to the country but to their own followers.

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