Wednesday, June 15, 2011

King Albert I

My friend The Mad Monarchist has posted a look at the life of King Albert I. Of course I agree that he was a great man and he was also the only Allied head of state to lead his soldiers in the field to final victory. He was the steady leadership at the time when the future of our countrie was decided, when it was not certain if Belgium would even exist if the Germans had won. Even to the very end the Germans had wanted to keep Belgium or at least the Flanders coast (part of France as well) and even if Belgium had not resisted I cannot imagine the Germans just going back to the way things were once they already occupied the whole country. King Albert led the fight against the invaders and his courage and calm style inspired people to resist, to work harder for the liberation and to struggle on in continue to the final victory. He was, I think, the best monarch of his era. Leve de Koning! Vive l'Roi!

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