Saturday, August 20, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire, Gabriel!

The young Prince Gabriel is now eight-years-old today. Best wishes to the Prince! I confess to having some trouble to not refer to him as our future King. I really don't want to seem sexist or anything like that but in spite of the law changes I just cannot "see" Belgium with a Queen with her brothers standing beside her all the time. Belgium has kings, has always had only kings. There is nothing wrong with a Queen but, I guess because it has never happened before in our history, it is hard to visualize for me. I cannot resist thinking that Prince Gabriel should be king someday even I know he cannot be. I'm sure he would be good at the job, he would be probably King Baudouin II, but the government will prevent that from happening. King or not, best wishes to Prince Gabriel for his birthday today! I wish I was home to have a chance of seeing them.


  1. A belated happy birthday to the Prince. I detest the change in succession myself -and make no bones about it. My only hope is that the family will correct this themselves so that, when the time comes, his sister will simply abdicate, thus thwarting the law and passing the throne to her brother. It's not much, but I can hope...

  2. I had not thought of that, it would be funny if that happened.