Monday, August 1, 2011

Remembering King Baudouin

Yesterday at Notre-Dame de Laeken Queen Fabiola and about three hundred loyal supporters visited the royal crypt to remember the passing of the late King Baudouin. A delegation of veterans also attended, members of Pro-Belgica and also Princess Lea, widow of Prince Alexandre, who also left followers at the tomb of King Leopold III so that, in a touching way, the tombs of the father and son kings, Leopold III and Baudouin, were both brightly covered with petals. Boths kings I am sure would be touched. King Baudouin was a great and good man, I am sure he would be distressed to see how his people are not now getting along with each other, to the great distress of his brother, and although people like me can look back on the time of King Baudouin with nostalgia and think, if he were alive things would not be like this, also I have to be realistic and think that given the uncompromising attitude of the parties I cannot see what King Baudouin could do to effect a reconciliation that our King today has not already tried. It is still good to see King Baudouin remembered and I hope he is resting happily in whatever plain of existence he is in today.


  1. A very special King indeed!
    A good question: What would he have done different from our present King in such a situation?

  2. I had no idea or I would have mentioned the date. As I'm sure I've told you before, King Baudouin is probably my favorite reigning monarch of the post-WWII sovereigns. A great man, a great King and a great Christian. May His Majesty pray for us.