Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prince Laurent in Potsdam

I almost forgot to mention that our Prince Laurent was in Potsdam this weekend to represent the Belgian Royal Family at the wedding of the head of the House of Hohenzollern, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia to Princess Sophie von Isenburg. From the pictures I saw it looked a nice wedding, not much of a royal gathering but if the Germans are going to insist on being a republic they have to expect it will not be like London or Monte Carlo. Of course, although I wish them all all of the best, for obvious reasons the Prussian royal family are not my favorites. Maybe this influences me but I cannot help wondering if there was a subtle message from the King to this Hohenzollern wedding? Do you think the King said something like, "Okay, to show that we are all friends and all, we will send a representative to the Prussian royal wedding ... but since this is the wedding of the great-grandson of the Kaiser who invaded our country and forced us into World War I, the occupation, the rape of Belgium and all of that, he will have to be satisfied we are sending -Prince Laurent!"

At least the Prince can say he did not fall down this time in front of everybody, tripping over the carpet like in Monte Carlo.

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