Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Europe Multi-Cultural Failure

On Saturday Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel told young members of the Christian Democratic Union that multi-culturalism in Germany has "utterly failed", citing the growth of the Muslim community which started with Turkish immigrant workers and has grown to about five million Muslims living now in Germany. She pointed out that society is now polarized and many of the Muslim youth are not even learning to speak German. This, naturally, set off new accusations of Islamophobia on the part of Merkel but the chancellor also could not quite bring herself to be as brave in addressing the obvious problem as she tried to be. She had to add the argument that this was a problem of integration and not one of cultures and civilizations. She also had to add that the mosques and burqas are in Germany to stay. Well, no use worrying about it now then, it can't be helped so why bother talking about it?

Is she being honest about this, who can say? One thing is sure is that there are not many public officials with the courage to even address the issue. The Queen of Denmark did once, in a very polite and non-confrontational way, safe in the knowledge she could do nothing about it. But let anyone actually address the problem as a problem and you will see how the likes of Geert Wilders, Jean-Marie Le Pen or Jörg Haider are treated. In other words, tell the truth of what Islam teaches, oppose unlimited immigration and you will be branded as a criminal, a bigot and a nazi or a fascist. Well, I am safely out of reach of the politically correct gestapo and I can say that not only is the massive Muslim immigration a problem but integration is not the answer and it will never happen. Even if it could happen, how would turning Muslims into a new breed of Germans, French, Dutch or Belgians be good for them? That would be betraying their own religion and culture as well. However, if you try to restrict immigration and say that if you are a Muslim you will not be 'at home' in a country like Belgium, Netherlands or Germany, you will be called a bigot and a racist. But this is not simply a racial issue. Belgians know very well you can be of the same race and still sharply divided (regardless how absurd it is). It is not the race of these millions of immigrants that is causing the biggest problem but the religion of them.

The problem is that Islam is a religion absolutely opposed, fundamentally, to the history, culture and values of Europe. It is also true that Islam is not purely spiritual but enforces a legalistic government of its own. They cannot integrate and never will because to be a Muslim means you cannot be a German or a Belgian or an Austrian. These are Christian countries with Christian cultures. These are democratic countries that are not and never have been theocracies. It is totally repugnant to the values of, let us say Belgium but choose as you please, to force women to cover up, to mutilate people who do a crime, to allow you to lie to someone who is not of your religion or treat some people as having more rights than others. All of these things Islam demands of its followers. They have their own laws, leaders and loyalty and in Belgium there should be room for only one flag; the black-yellow-red. But, because the major parties try to avoid dealing with this issue it is pushed to the fringes and I will admit quite often the parties that take it up are suspect and not ones most people are comfortable with. In Belgium they are a small minority in support but across the border in Netherlands they are becoming more mainstream as the situation worsens. If this is a problem it is only because the mainstream parties have refused to address the issue and surrendered it to the fringes who seem insane.
Europe is going down the tubes because people are too busy arguing with each other to address common problems, because too much power is given to unelected EU bosses who do not care about their countries or peoples and because everyone is so afraid of what others will call them that they will not state honestly the problems we are in. This allows the situation where Europe is now falling apart. Huge waves of immigrants are coming in like we have never had happen before, younger people are not getting married, no one has alot of children anymore (bad for the environment if you do anyway) and everyone feels sorry for themselves and act like they hate their own history and traditions and want them to be replaced by something else. By the time they are starting to realize that something else is not so nice as they were told it is getting to be too late to do anything about it. Like Merkel said, it is a fact of life, we have to get along because there is no going back. That is always the way is it not? There's no going back, you can never go back, no matter how wonderful anyone remembers things had been before, you can never go back. My God we are on the road to our own death and they still say we cannot go back!
Perhaps I have been corrupted by my foreign education but I want to turn the car around.

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