Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots of Weblinks

First, at the Blog sur famille royale belge, read about the "non-conformist" (yes, that's why we like him too) Portrait du prince Laurent de Belgique.

Second, I found a very "pretty" website (the right word I think, looks nice but in a very female style) about our favorite Italian queen Marie Jose of Belgium. It's very ... pretty!

Royaliste de Belgique posts about the polls taken on the division of Belgium and what a wide difference you can draw from these, taking almost every position. Que veulent les belges?

At The Cross of Laeken we see an important article about the monarchie and the (terrible) possibility of A Belgian Republic?

I also happened to find this little post about a Norwegian Officer in the Congo. Most do not seem to know, but in the early days of the Congo Free State the military was made up of mostly soldiers from other African countries and the officers were largely Scandinavian rather than Belgian though as years passed the military would become Congolese and Belgian.

There was something else I had planned for today but I happen to find all these links and wanted to share them before I forgot them all. Which happens, this very post I had done 20 minutes ago but forgot to push the publish post button!

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