Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belgian Crown Prince in Mexico

Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, seen in the picture with the Spanish Minister of Culture Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde joined heads of state and dignitaries representing numerous other foreign countries were photographed at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, Mexico on September 14. This is a special occasion as tomorrow Mexico will celebrate the bicentenary of Mexican independence from Spain. Although Prince Philippe may be just one more face in the foreign crowd on this occasion, Mexico has a special significance for Belgium ever since 1864 when Belgium's Princess Charlotte accompanied her Austrian husband Archduke Maximilian to become Emperor Maximiliano and Empress Carlota of the revived Mexican monarchy. Charlotte effectively gave the last of her life in the service of Mexico and many Belgian soldiers also lost their lives fighting for the preservation of the Mexican Empire. So the histories of Mexico and Belgium are tied together from now on because of that period.

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  1. Beautiful; I wish Mexico and Belgium were still tied together, I am pleased to know you still have a piece of us in your hearts. Thank you.