Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current Royal Events

As protests and strikes occur across Belgium in opposition to EU austerity requirements the royals are doing their best to find help. Crown Prince Philippe and Princesse Mathilde went to God, going to a special mass for the Belgian EU presidency on Tuesday at Our Lady of Sablon in Brussels. Today the royal couple attended a gala this night in benefit of the King Baudouin Foundation in Oostende. Princesse Astrid had more fun duties going to Milan, Italy for Milan Fashion Week Womenswear which from the photos she enjoyed with lots of smiles. For the King and Queen the days are also full. SM King Albert II met on Wednesday in an audience with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa at the Royal Castle in Laken-Laeken, Brussels. Only yesterday Queen Paola visited the elementary school at Oostduinkerke as part to congratulate them for the twp entries from this school that have won the Prize for Education from the Queen Paola Foundation.

It is good that the royals stay so busy because, despite to appear very busy, their politicians do not seem to be accomplishing anything. The absence of government is driving up the cost of everything, foreign countries don't know what to make of it and now that the national debt is over 100% of what Belgium can produce there are still protests over cutting back on spending. I am not very comfortable with the EU but I have to say, there is no way Belgium or any country can go on spending with such a huge debt. The government will have to cut back, there is just no other way, but they then would get voted out office so they do not want to do that. Maybe they will just give up total economic control to EU and so that the EU leadership can adopt the austerity measures and no one can vote them out of office while the Belgian government can claim opposition the whole time.

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