Sunday, September 5, 2010

More News of Trouble

The French press openly calls for Wallonia and Brussels to come to them.

Walloon socialist Laurette Onkelinx says Belgium is finished "game over".

All this ahead of recent news showing even supposedly pro-national parties appear unwilling to cooperate in the national interest.


  1. I love Belgium and it is so sad to see it being run down by her politicians.

  2. Do you know this website, BelgieRoyalist?

    It provides lots of evidence (if any more is needed) that Belgium really is a real country worth protecting, not a disposable "artificial state" as some would have it.

  3. Thank you! I think I have seen that a long time ago but had lost it a long time. I will be busy reading through all that for a while. I wish there was a more complete record on the web of all the events and historie. I have been looking lately without success for more information on the Belgian expedition to Russia at the time of the civl war.

    It is ridiculous and I really cannot comprehend the attitude of some people that there is no "Belgium". The people, of both halves, have existed for a long time, longer than the current country, always recognizing themselves, regardless of language, as a distinct group. Even if they not always called themselves Belgians they knew there were a unique group, not French or Dutch. Many countries, probably most countries these days, are not purely of one type of people and one language for all yet they do not get the ridiculed that has Belgium.