Monday, September 27, 2010

Princesse Mathilde Visits CKG

On the morning Friday of 24 September 2010 the Princesse Mathilde was in Antwerp to visit the Centrum voor Kinderzorg en Gezinsondersteuning, a place of help and assistance for children and their families in Borgerhout. This is an opportunity to give my opinion that Princesse Mathilde is a great asset for the Belgian Family Royal. I do not know any other heir to the throne of the countries of Europe that has married such a beneficial spouse. She has showed no stress, no difficulty in adapting to the royal life (which everyone knows there is) and has always been the face of a supportive wife and affectionate mother. Princesse Mathilde rocks! She is great for the country and she does alot of work, sometimes tough jobs as we see... when a precocious child grabs you by the earring! Ouch!! Keep the good working at your role Princesse Mathilde, we love you!

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