Friday, September 24, 2010

S.M. King Baudouin in Africa

The Congolese love the King and Queen
King Baudouin leaves the car -still has his sword

King Baudouin arrives for last visit as King-Sovereign of the Congo

King Baudouin with Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba

Looking very cool in his white uniform

King Baudouin watching native dancers -almost out of the picture

Meeting King Mutara III of Rwanda

Giving his speech in Leopoldville

Waving to the crowd of admirers

riding in his car

looking like cool guys cruising the drag

a little tin soldier of the King

The King on his last tour as sovereign over Congo

Speech giving Congo their independence
My thanks to my friend the Mad Monarchist for sharing some of his photos with me.


  1. A pity the Belgians did not try to save the rwandan Monarchy.

  2. I do also, they looked smart and practical. As for Rwandans, I say I wish the monarchie could have been saved but I say the same about the whole Congo Belgian. The country was feeling I think overwhelmed by the native opposition and the other major powers shouting "get out!" and then there were growing problems at home most people were more concerned with. It is obvious to me that many disasters could have been avoided if royal guidance could have remained.