Friday, November 12, 2010

Cartoons Mock Royal Family

This is not really "new" news as a habit some cartoonists have of mocking the Royal Family but still some people like me are very upset this time with new cartoons appearing now that try to humiliate the King and Family Royal by showing efforts of them to find other jobs after Belgium is divided out of existence and the monarchie has no more use. Of course I think these crude jokes are terrible. The threat against the unity and sovereignty of the kingdom is nothing about to make jokes! Neither is the King and the family who did not lobby for their positions but who accepted the duty of trying to keep the feuding people together. I just wish all the energy expended on attacking the language regions of each other and the country and the King could be put to a constructive use. If we could do that I wager Belgium would become a super-power! This is all so certainly without dignity and so many people showing up with no "class". It really depresses me. I look at how these likes behave and I think only that King Leopold II was right then and maybe still right now, we are really looking like a small country of small people.


  1. I hate this kind of thing, too. I once came across a whole Youtube channel devoted to satirizing Philippe and Mathilde, for instance. It's disgusting.

  2. Is that the Dutch language one? I hope there is only one. I had been asked why the Belgian monarchie did not have an official channel when the Dutch, British, Norwegians do and so I went looking and found the "Filip van Belgie" channel, quick to sub it before I see it is just a big joke on the couple. Aarrgghhh!