Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Terrorist Plot Stopped in Antwerp

This is what happens when people do not take seriously the threats of massive immigration of foreign cultures and hostile religion. Today raids in Belgium, Netherland and Germany after more than a year-long investigation resulted in the arrest of Muslim terrorists in Antwerp who were planning an attack on Belgium. What was to be their target exactly is not known but they were all in their twenties, living in Antwerp and, of course, were all Islamists. The killers have been called "international jihadist fighters" and have been linked to the Islamic fundamentalist website Ansar Al Mujahedeen, set up to recruit terrorists. Seven killers were arrested in Antwerp who were Belgians (by citizenship), Dutch (by citizenship), Moroccans and Chechens from Russia. Two more are being held in the Netherlands and one in Germany in connection with the plot. Police reports say they are focusing on the effort of these individuals to recruit more terrorists and to raise money for the Chechen rebels/Muslim terrorists in southern Russia. Most of them are, police believe, linked also to the Chechen terrorist group 'Caucasus Emirate' that wants an independent Islamic Chechnya apart from Russia.

More disturbing is that three of the terrorists arrested in Antwerp are believed to be members of the group "Sharia 4 Belgium" which most know after their threat to murder author Benno Barnard. The effort to stop these plots in Belgium are being coordinated by the federal prosecutor's office. No news have I heard yet of their possible targets. But also in Brussels police have taken action against a number of suspected terrorists as part of a 3-years long international investigation. Seventeen places were raided by police in Brussels, prompted by the desire to stop a possible major terrorist attack in Belgium these Muslims were planning. Many people have been questioned and the action, police say, is being taken against Muslim terrorists in Belgium with ties to Iraq and Afghanistan. A Muslim not-for-profit organization has been active in recruiting terrorists to fight and make attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the targets of the police investigation was the Belgian Islamic Centre in Brussels and has brought up memories of Malika Al Aroud, the corrupted Belgian woman convicted of using her website to recruit more Muslim terrorists. There may even be some connection between her and this present threat but that is not certain right now.


  1. Yes, thank God, if more people cared about God and not so many cared about Allah this would not be a problem. What happened to OUR religion?

  2. Exchanged for secularism it seems. Even the Pope, who tries to be optimistic most of the time, has said that Europe needs to be 're-Christianized'.