Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday of King Leopold III

Today is the historic birthday anniversary of the great King Leopold III. The Cross of Laeken shares the sentiments of Queen Elisabeth and the royal house. He would go through many trials in his life, being the joy, the inspiration, the strong leader, protector and finally sacrifice of his country. He was first and always devoted to his duty: Belgium!


  1. What a beautiful face and magnificent bearing he had.

  2. I think all the kings have had a very majestic look but each in a different way, probably I am influenced by their reputation. I think Leopold Ier looked majestic but always a clever look on his face (if I use the right word). Leopold II looked majestic but with a fierce appearance which was helped by his great beard. Albert Ier looked majestic but had an understanding or compassionate look always. Leopold III, to me, looks always majestic but concerned like his mind is always thinking of some worrisome matter. Baudouin looked majestic but rather meek or maybe shy like. Then there is King Albert II who I always think of looking amused! But I know he cannot be all the time because my god he has big problems dealing with.