Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Terrorists in Belgium

The government is reacting more to the recent arrest of terrorists in Antwerp and Brussels. Unfortunately, they seem still to not be receiving the right message of all of this. All seven terrorists have now been formally arrested (not just “detained”) according to Federal Public prosecutors with their investigation focusing on a Chechen terrorist organization. Their plans for an attack in Belgium remain still unclear as to exact targets but it is also believed they were working to recruit more terrorists and raise money for carrying on their brutal war in southern Russia. This is what the website “Ansar Al Mujahadeen” was crucial in for the terrorist operations. The investigation is being led by the Mechelen examining magistrate and the seven terrorists will appear in court on Friday. Unfortunately, I do not think the authorities are taking this as seriously as they should be doing.

Of those detained in the police raids in Brussels against terrorist suspects only two out of fifteen have been kept in detention. This operation has focused on a network of Islamists in Belgium trying to raise money and recruit killers for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Belgian authorities have asked for the extradition of three suspects currently being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and it is now up to the Dutch courts to cooperate on that issue. However, the Head of the Threat Analysis Centre has come out now, very vocal, to assure everyone that this recent round of arrests is an anti-terrorist operation not directed against the Islamic religion. Does he suppose we will all believe that the fact that all of these terrorists are Muslims has absolutely nothing to do with their actions? He also denied the critics that the police raids were made too quickly and without proper evidence. Where do you suppose these criticisms were coming from? And what would be “proper evidence”? Do they think the police should wait for a national monument to be blown to bits or maybe a crowd of people to be murdered before they take action?

Head of the Threat Analysis Centre André Vandoren said, “I think we should await the results of the investigation, but I wouldn’t want people to think that this was an operation that was initiated with undue haste. There is one matter that I want to make very clear: This is not an anti-Islam operation. Not at all. We should appreciate that radicals often only make up a small minority within certain groups”. Give me a break! This is the soft attitude of denial of reality that is putting the lives of all Belgians and all Europeans in danger. Face the facts Vandoren! No one is being fooled anymore. All of these terrorists are not Christians or Jews or Buddhists -they are Muslims. We all know that, we know what it is all about and to continue to deny the problem will only make things worse. Also, for the charge that these arrests were done too hastily, that is just stupid. All of these arrests have been part of investigations that have been going on for years. There has been nothing hasty about it.

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