Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Belgians Killed Osama - NO!

A friend of mine (who I always disagree with) said, just in mention, that he was afraid Belgium might come under attack by Muslim terrorists because “our weapons” killed Osama bin Laden. This I had not heard! Seems strange to me, America being the country where almost everyone has a gun, why would United States use Belgian weapons for their best troops and secret missions? This I had to investigate. I also should mention my friend was very upset that Osama bin Laden had been killed. He thought it was very stupid for the Americans to do since Osama had not done anything for 10 years and now his death would cause Muslim terrorists to launch a whole new wave of attacks in revenge for the killing of their leader. Allow me to say here that is NOT my point of view. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the killing of thousands of people at 911 and he deserved to pay the consequences, no matter how long it took. For example, there are very old men still being arrested for war crimes done in World War II, it does not matter that they are 80 or 90 years old and have done nothing wrong in all the decades since. Still the authorities pursue them.

Anyway, I do a little search and find out really there is no evidence the American commandoes used Belgian weapons anyway. It is true (I was surprised to learn) that the United States bought Belgian made rifles from FN Herstal in Liege because they thought they were superior weapons. Nice to know we make good guns but there is no evidence the Americans used these in the killing of Osama, other articles I found said they used a US-made rifle called M4 Carbine. The only thing I could find that was Belgian being used in the attack was “Cairo” the Belgian Malinois who was trained to find bombs and alert the commandos to escaping terrorists or the arrival of Pakistani soldiers to the compound. So, calm down everyone, probably the only thing Belgian involved in the attack was the dog and he probably was born and bred in America also with the only thing Belgian of him being his breed.

But regardless of that though, I do not think we should have to be in fear of taking any action against a known criminal because it might upset others in his gang. Law and order has to be upheld and the guilty have to be punished no matter the consequences or otherwise we have to be just cowering in the corner anytime someone attacks us, doing nothing in response but begging for mercy. And also, these sort of terrorists that admired Osama bin Laden seem to need no provocation to attack western countries. As long as we have a different religion or no religion at all we will be the enemies of those kind of people no matter what other actions we take. That is a fact we have to face.


  1. Since this is indeed a sad subject, I am not sure where the giggles came from...It seems idiots abound everywhere!
    Thanks however for sharing the part of Cairo in this mission. I would like to think we did our part in removing such evil!
    And yes, Belgians weapons are still some of the very best in the world!
    Amazing all the good things that comes from such a tiny country...

  2. Belgium was once a large swelling empire, (before their African Colonies rebelled) and I love Belgium, I lived in Austria during 2002 and my dad and mum made a few trips to belgium.