Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Support for the King

This weekend Mad Monarchist mentioned the book put out by anti-Belgian journalists in an effort to discredit the King by revealing confidential discussions between him and leading political figures, along with some accusations the palace has said is completely false. Of course, this infuriates me as people who want to destroy Belgium focus on bringing down the monarchie which is the one thing (and the King the one person) who is above regions and unites all people. However, I have found out that things are not so bad as they look so we can be given hope by that. There are people in politics today who have voiced their support for the King and his role in national life, defending him against those mouthing these secrets to ruin his ability to do his job and keep Belgium together.

MR Chairman Charles Michel said, "For the MR (Mouvement Réformateur) the colloque singulier is holy" and he also said it was "unresponsible" for people to infringe on the operation of the democratic institutions by robbing the King of his ability to discuss in confidence all the issues of the day.

Parti Socialiste Chairman Elio di Rupo also said that the colloque singulier is essential for confidence between the King and the leaders of the political parties and that people have to have respect for all the national institutions, including the monarchie and the King.

Chairwoman Joëlle Milquet of the CDH (Centre Démocrate Humaniste) also appealed for respect to the position of the King, saying, "This must stop. It can not go on this way. In politics there are basic rules, despite the generations or the political colours". She also said that it is her rule never to discuss with journalists what she has talked about with the King and the Palace Royal.

François Delpérée, constitutional specialist, also talked about the fields of culture, economy, politics and science that the King deals with. He says, "It is usual that these contacts find place in discretion. It happens that the King receives persons in audience and than he must feel free to say what he wants to say without the danger to read his words in the newspapers, the next day".

Finally, a statement from the Green Party said, "It is essential to allow the head of state to fulfill his role in all serenity. Infringement of the colloque singulier in this context forms a very problematic erosion of the royal function and can also be difficulting the opportunities to find a way out from institutional impasses".

So, of course, I am very upset by this disorder and shameful effort to denigrate the Crown but I am also encouraged to see the political leadership of such various parties (some notable by their absence) speaking up for the King and his essential place in Belgian government.

Vive l'roi!
Leve de koning!


  1. Thank you for telling it as it truly is. I have been away from home for a long time and I realize many things have change during the course of those years but I am startled to see how little respect is shown for our King.
    What happened to honour, loyalty and respect? Values for which our forefathers fought and earned with blood!
    It always looks greener on the other side of the fence but remember, we know what we have, we do not know what we might get...
    Please keep on writing! Learning everyday...

  2. I'm glad to see all these major parties supporting their king.
    I'm curious though, what about the Belgian Front National?

  3. People undermine the King to undermine the unity of the country and I agree, our grandparents and great-grandparents shed alot of blood, fought very hard and suffered alot for our independence and we should not insult them by throwing away what they sacrificed to defend. A. Nicot, I have posted before about the Front National, they do not have enough support to really matter and they have a bad reputation, but just myself looking into their platform they make alot of sense to me but I have not paid attention to politics until after I could vote and now I've been out of the country alot so there are things I don't know on my own.

  4. Did I answer this? I have a post on them already. They have a bad reputation and not very popular so they are not much considered but they do support the monarchie and national unite.