Monday, May 16, 2011

Loyal Flemish Defend King

Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever has accused the King of being responsible for holding his party back in the formation of a government and giving them no "opportunities" -the royal policy to ignore again. However, loyal Flemish parties like the Christian democrats and liberals have defended the King and even the socialist party said the nationalists should just ignore the King if he ignores them and take the initiative themselves rather than trying to blame the King for their troubles. Story at Flanders News.


  1. This is good to see.

    I have noticed that the disloyal Flemish tend to attack the loyal Flemish, as well as the Royal Family.

  2. Because they put their own ethno-nationalist agenda first. That is their loyalty, not to the King and Belgium and so anyone who is loyal to the King and Belgium they will consider dis-loyal to their agenda and attack them. I hope more people realize they are not the victims they pretend to be. If they were so oppressed they would not have the freedom to promote the destruction of their country with no consequences. Most countries would not allow that!