Thursday, May 26, 2011

Publication on the Monarchie

There is a new publication (in English) available here on the Belgian monarchie. I thought it a very helpful and informative booklet, suitable for printing. It is pdf format and covers the history of the monarchie, the accomplishments of the past kings as well as the duties of the King in the government, the role of the monarchie today and the modern Royal Family. Also it includes some nice pictures from history and current times.

Also I heard today that Princess Melanie de Ligne is going to be married to Paul Weingarten (no date known yet). Princess Melanie is the daughter of Prince and Princess Wautier de Ligne, the granddaughter of Prince Antoine de Ligne and Princess Alix of Luxembourg who is sister to Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. Her uncle, Prince Michel, is head of the Ligne house, successor of the famous Belgian Prince Eugene de Ligne who might have been our king.

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  1. Thank you for the booklet site! I almost missed that!