Monday, May 16, 2011

Prince Laurent in Trouble ... Still

I thought maybe I was reading an exaggeration but I have checked now many news sources and all have said the same thing. SM the King must really be upset with his younger son Prince Laurent because he has "banned" him from the palace! I still think it is hard to accept that Prince Laurent is "not welcome" at the palace, no matter what happens you usually do not shun your own children. What certainly has happened though, you can tell from the monarchie website, is that Prince Laurent is no longer on the schedule for any official royal duties. Princess Claire and the children, however, are still listed. But of course! Who could not like Princess Claire? She's a great one and the children should not be treated any different because their father makes some poor decisions. Some are saying this is very serious and that the King is very upset but that only Queen Paola convinced him not to include Princess Claire in the punishment. Others are saying it may just be that nothing is scheduled for Prince Laurent to do and no more (which again causes me to think some overreaction from his absence on the schedule may explain the "banned" story -I hope, I really don't want to believe that). Some have speculated this is a falling out in a big way for the family, others that the King is punishing the Prince for his recent behavior and this will be temporary and eventually things go back to normal. I hope that is the case, it also has been suggested that Prince Laurent may be the least upset about this as any person as now, for what we can see, his time will be his own.

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