Monday, July 19, 2010

Brother Kings

The future Kings, Baudouin and Albert II dressed for the sea
Probably my favorite picture of the two brothers, future Kings Baudouin and Albert II

The brothers with their father S.M. Leopold III
Prince Baudouin and Prince Albert pose with hunting trophies, they look a little aprehensive


  1. Great photos! While it is sad that King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola never had children, it is still nice, in view of the fact that Queen Astrid was lost far too soon, and that Leopold III had so much tragedy, that BOTH their sons got to be kings.

  2. I will admit it is probably just my bias showing but it seems the future King Baudouin looks more like a leader even in these younger days while Albert looks more uncertain and clings more to his father. I know, I know, probably just seeing what I wish, but I cannot help but notice.

  3. Albert II has been more willing to "go with the flow" but though King Baudouin would resist the government on some things, he found out he could never change things so that is all decided by now. I think Leopold III was really the 'last chance' and I suspect, but cannot prove, that is why so many have tried to smear him. One reason at least.

  4. I agree with you, BelgieRoyalist, about Leopold III.