Monday, July 12, 2010

Indiana Jones Fighting in Belgian Army

Obviously, I am a fan of the Indiana Jones movies. In the serial on his youth there a number dealing with the Great War. Indiana Jones lies about his age and joins the Belgian army as "Henri Defense". He has alot of adventures during the war. In the movie above it is during the time he and his friend (late Belgian actor Ronny Coutteure) transfer to Africa to fight the German East Africa army. All of the movies entangle with actual historical events and figures and this battle was part of the real life offensive of the Force Publique from the Belgian Congo which captured Rwanda, Burundi and the second city of East Africa, Tabora, from the Germans. They mention later after this scene that this is part of the campaign to capture Tabora. To be honest, I liked the movies but really only the ones during the war, they were the most exciting and related with the Belgian war effort. Others did not interest me or concerned history I was not familiar with.

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