Thursday, July 29, 2010

Princesse Lilian de Réthy

Second wife of King Leopold III, one of the more glamorous members of the Belgian Royal Family, just sadly never able to be Queen.


  1. She was absolutely gorgeous. Who was it that said she was 'worth two queens?' I heard that quote somewhere. I hate the way she continues to get so much bad press, and so many people seem to think that loving Queen Astrid and hating Princess Lilian have to go hand in hand. You would think, from the way some people talk, that Leopold had divorced Astrid to marry Lilian, or something!!

  2. She was and had such a great style I think she would have made a great queen. I do not understand also why so many people have disliked her. During the war, during her marriage and after she was always helping people. I have also heard people who adore Queen Astrid speak like Princess Lilian was "the other woman". I cannot understand it. Perhaps there needs to be more education about the life of King Leopold III in general so people do not make up things to fill the holes in their knowledge.

  3. People seem to create false personalities for both Lilian and Leopold. Even when Leopold is not directly accused of treason or fascist sympathies, he is often portrayed as an arrogant, willful autocrat. But, as I've said before, when one looks at his own words, writings and interests he seems different from that; firm and forthright, yes, but also caring and humane.