Wednesday, July 14, 2010

La Brabançonne

Singing star Helmuth Lotti sings the national hymne for the royal family.


  1. You know, I used to know an old Hessian woman who was absolutely convinced that Helmut Lotti was really Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia living a "double life". She only knew him from pictures on his casettes but she was *sure* that they were one & the same person. Of course, she also thought people were spying on her through her VCR and anyone who wore a v-necked shirt or blouse was in league with the devil. Growing up in Nazi Germany seemed to have taken its toll on the woman.

  2. That is funny. I mean to think that, not that the woman seems to have had paranoia problems. Anywayz, I can assure you Lotti is 100% Belgium, born and raised in Flanders, well I don't know about the raised part but I think he is from Ghent so...Belgian, not German, anyway you look at it.