Friday, July 9, 2010

Premier Post

I have finally been prevailed upon to join the blogosphere, though I do so with some reluctance. The title is self-explanatory I think. I have been in the USA for some time making a career out of going to school and this blog will be about the royal family, kings, history and assorted greatness of the magnificent Kingdom of Belgium. As to updates I do not want to make too many promises. There is alot of content I can put up in the next few days. I have been forced to hang around the house for a couple of weeks. After that time I may not have time to post something new as often, I will be employed in my favorite pastimes; beer and girls! I have to thank the one known to bloggers as "The Mad Monarchist" (of whose blog I am an avid reader) for being a lone voice of support in my exile for my homeland and my monarchy as well as being good enough to share and trade pictures with me. Whether or not pushing me to create this blog is something to thank him for will be seen in the future only. I expect I will be doing more posting of pictures and linking to other items of interest I find that writing something original myself since I am not so good at that. But, for what it may be worth, here is my blog, it starts today, for anyone to look at for interest in the Belgian monarchy, history, beautiful country (and lots of beautiful things). One more thing; I put this blog in English so I do not have to twice repeat myself to make everyone happy and mostly because I am now in America and the last straw to convince to do the blogger thing was the number of non-Belgian people who make fun of or just do not understand the awesomeness of belgium! So that is why. Thank you!


  1. Bon courage! I am glad you started this blog and I am eagerly waiting for your postings.

    When I was in Europe I loved watching Belgian TV and I regret I cannot get many (positive) reports from Belgium here in Australia.

    Thankfully His Majesty's messages are online and I can download them. The next one will be His speech on 21st July.

    Vive la Belgique! Leve België! Es lebe Belgien!

  2. Wow! Someone left a comment! I am so suprised, I thought no one would be reading so soon. I miss the TV sometimes myself, it seems a little tame and boring here sometimes. The computer is useful for getting the news from the court but I wish the Belgian monarchy would get as techie as the Dutch and have a YouTube channel just for their activities.

    And I like your name RADICAL Royalist! That sounds cool.

  3. Congratulations on this new blog! Bonne continuation!

  4. Merci beaucoup! I really like your blog, it probably gives a better impression of the monarchie than I ever could.