Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How does 'Emperor Lorenzo' sound?

I alluded earlier to this subject, a thought that first came to me commenting on another blog about the late Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. I know, or know some people 'in the know' about the imperialists of Mexico and the heir to their monarchy, one Hungarian-Australian named Count Maximilian von Goetzen-Iturbide, never seems to have even visited Mexico and shows no interest in restoring the Mexican Empire or taking any leadership of the legacy of the empire for the Mexican imperialists. So, what about the Mexicans starting over and trying again? I would suggest a good candidate for their throne would be our own Prince Lorenz of Belgium. Think about the similarities. Like Maximilian he is an Austrian archduke, House of Hapsburg like the first Christian monarchs to rule over Mexico, and he and Maximilien share an Italian connection. Maxil was Viceroy of Lombardy-Venetia and Prince Lorenz is of the Italian branch of the Hapsburg dynasty and titular Duke of Modena. Both are also married to beautiful Belgian princesses, which of course is a big plus!

Prince Lorenz also has some benefits poor Emperor Maximilian did not have. First place he has a nice family so there is no worry over the succession to the throne. He is also very well educated in business and economics (from what I know Maximilian was terrible with money issues) and so he could maybe do what is needed to take Mexico out of poverty and put her on a good financial platform. Of course the family are good Catholics like most Mexicans and since there is no French empire involved anymore the United States should have no legitimate grounds for complaint if Prince Lorenz were to become "Emperor Lorenzo of Mexico" (I say legitimate only because I know they would anyway just because the US does not like monarchies at all and does not want any in America especially).

Obviously this is a daydream like I am told, but it is a fun one and an idea that has stuck in my mind since I thought of it. How could such a thing be worked out today? I have been thinking of fictional scenarios for this and maybe, just for fun, I will post them here as a sort of alternate-current events serial. It might be fun, if for me and no one else. Also, if I can "scoop" a friend, I am told that a deeper look at the real historical Belgian army that served in Mexico back in the time of Maximilian and Charlotte will be coming on another blog and I will certainly be linking to that. I wish someone would make a movie or even a good historical novel about that. I think it would make a great adventure story. I also will mention, in connection to my last blog entry, in the Indiana Jones movies, where did the hero meet his Belgian friend and decide to join the Belgian army in World War I? It was in Mexico, fighting in the revolution with Pancho Villa. You see, I am finding lots of fateful reasons to carry on these fancies.


  1. You should have told me you were doing this blog sooner. It looks very "you".

  2. I would not wish the problems of Mexico on Lorenz and Astrid...

  3. I am not really being serious, I just noticed the similarities and I think they would be a good imperial family for Mexico. It is just fun to me to imagine alternatives.

  4. as a mexican, I gotta say, this sounds good, besides, aren't they desendants of Charlotte's Family?
    maybe in 20 years or so, we could have an Emperor Lorenzo...

  5. Dear, I dream as you do. I never thought about Prince Lorenz of Belgium before, but it sounds so beautiful. I am not against my country, but honestly there is no republic at all. We are a scared nation, scared to talk out loud, scaared to dare changes and being killed for it, scared of our goverment, of our police and of our criminals. We can only hide and pray not to be next; nor army nor goverment we can trust.
    I am really glad to read this, I like to daydream about this kind of things too, sometimes I even crave the old days and secretly wish for the extreme measure for a possible invasion, a noble royal family that suddenly decides to take this hurt, sad but rich nation unter their wings. I don't know... anything but the actual, depressing reality.