Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are the French Making Plans?

I have heard (just from a friend) that the word is that the French are making plans about what to do with Wallonia and possibly Brussels if the country breaks up and cannot form a government. Doesn't this make the Frenchies seem a little too eager? The Popular Party, I have heard, is the source of this and there is talk of a constitution being drawn up by the French for a provisional government for Wallonia and Brussels to handle the transition to becoming a part of the French Republic. I don't know about everyone and things might be different on the scene but I really am tired and depressed from all this drama every time there is a new government. I am thinking some people in very high places in Europe just do not want Belgium to exist. I know there are plenty of people who love their country, I see big pro-Belgium demonstrations but the issue just will not go away and somehow it is always brought up again. Now is the time for patriotism and solidarity. Our grandfathers and greatgrandfathers did not fight to their deaths just to see Belgium carved up like a roast between France and the Netherlands.


  1. It makes me so depressed. I want to run home and do something but I don't know what.