Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Articles on Belgian Monarchie

From a notice at The Mad Monarchist I point out these articles from "The Royal Universe" on Congo's Colonial Past and the threats posed against Dowager Queen Fabiola. They have also another excellent article on the life of the great Dowager Queen Fabiola. I would say all are very good though the article on the Congo, though not totally unfair like most, still is too critical of King Leopold II. Belgium is fortunate to never have had a really bad king like some and I think people are eager to simply to find a villain somewhere. King Leopold was a visionary (even if you don't like that vision of national greatness) and he did not ever hurt anyone himself and never ordered anyone to hurt any people in the Congo. What abuses happened were not his fault, they were the fault of those who actually did them and I will not go with the flow when it comes to condemning King Leopold II. What I will again say is that, beside that, I did agree with most of the article and repeat that it is much more fair than any others people will read.

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