Wednesday, August 4, 2010

News, Important, Not Fun

S.M. King Albert II has met again with Elio Di Rupo, leader of the francophone Socialist Party about the government-building efforts. This was said on Friday. Di Rupo met the King at Laeken Castle for another report on the progress of the cabinet, trying to bring together Christian Democrats and Socialists. The idea that the Flemish secessionists could be included in any government is considered atrocious by most patriots. As one blogger put it, would you hand the keys to your house over to someone who said openly they wanted to loot and destroy it? Yet, the secessionists cannot be isolated. Their agenda has been helped all along the way by the immoral leaders of both language communities. They have been helped by the prejudice-fueled politics pushed in Flanders by politicians wanting power. They have been helped by ignorant politicians in Wallonie who hang on to failed policies and blame Flanders for the problems caused by their own failures in order to hang on to power. Anyone can see the similarities.

I have heard from people lately, good people, who are showing signs of resignation and discussing the possibilities of becoming Flanders and French-Belgium. That is sad because it should be unthinkable. Perhaps I read too much about the past but I cannot help but feel that if Belgians part company they do not understand others will not welcome them. I know there are some Dutch who think if Flanders leave Belgium they can annex them to realize the "Greater Netherlands" dream. However, I cannot believe that the secessionists of Flanders would be any happier in the Netherlands. Many of these secessionists just want to be the center of attention anyway, they want people bending over for them and they would not want to be in another country where they would not be treated as "special". In the same way I cannot forget all the history, because of those in Wallonie who think France will be a new home, that the French have often been unfriendly toward Belgium regardless of language.

It also seems so ridiculous that while the country is being overrun by immigrants of a completely alien nationalities, culture and religion the two peoples of Belgium continue to argue with each other while the country, the economy, is in crumbles. But, that is because of the same power seeking politicians who continue to try to win favor by being prejudiced to prove how "devoted" they are to their language community and who continue to try to gain power by blaming all problems on the "other" side. They just care about the next election and they do not even care about the consequences of their vitriol to spread division and possibly bring the ruin of the country by setting Belgians against their brothers. Some people are in poor spirits and I hope that improves like past trends. But I think it is clear this situation cannot go on. This nonsense has to stop!

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