Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trust Growing of Prince Philippe

S.A. Prince Philippe, Duc d'Brabant is considered more trustworthy by most of the country now. This does not completely match his popularity, and that is unfortunate, but a study taken by Flemish tv shows that more people than not now consider that Prince Philippe is qualified and prepared better than anyone else to be the next monarch with 53% saying he is "ready" for the job. What I did not like about this poll was that it presented the poll like a contest between the family since it also said that 21% favored Princesse Astrid and 4% favored Prince Laurent. They will not be monarch so why even ask opinions about them? This should not be about having favorites among the family royal or have them compete for popularity between themselves.
Anyway, I never understood why some people have had a problem with Prince Philippe. He has always seemed to me like a regular, normal guy who is correct and dignified, seems a good family man and I think he will be a good king who will have concern for his country and his people. From where comes the opposition to him over the years? But, I am glad to agree with the majority on this. I also agree with what the poll said about Princesse Mathilde that she was a big help to the popularity and public image of her husband. I love Princesse Mathilde and I would agree she could only make Prince Philippe better to have her with him. However, I have to again complain about the poll too for also pointing out that she is more popular than Queen Paola who is also they find not as popular as Queen Fabiola (again with the competition!) which I think is unfair and just a rude and unkind way of asking the questions. Queen Paola has been victim to alot of gossip lately and it makes me angry. I like all three of the great royal ladies and I do not have to like any less to like the others more.
I was also unhappy that results said 67% said the next king should have less responsibility for the government. Less? How much less can he have already? I think he should have more to deal with the corrupt politicians I was just talking about in the previous posting. The King is the only one in the government I really trust to at least have the best intentions and committment to keep the country together and try his best to want what is best for everyone. I think Prince Philippe will make a good king and I think he should have more responsibility and a bigger part in government that is now the situation.


  1. Odd, I just heard a story that was quite the opposite as far as his favorability goes. I don't understand it myself, he seems a perfectly good prince from what I've seen but I always hear that he's very unpopular and people don't want him to be king. Is there any scandal or controversy he's been mixed up in some time in the past I don't know about that might account for this? I'm really puzzled by it.

  2. No, it is just pure hatefulness. There have been no scandals, no controversies and nothing improper. He is a good man and that is enough these days for some people to dislike him and accuse him of being dim.