Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March

My friend the Mad Monarchist has posted a blog on the Ides of March and assassination of the great conqueror Julius Caesar. I never thought much about it before but I think I am in agreement with him on that historical event. Julius Caesar was the one who conquered Belgium (Belgica) for the Roman Empire, which I do not really like the defeat but also I am proud too of our history as part of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar said the Belgians were the most fierce enemy he faced and the only one that ever defeated him (but he won later since we were conquered) and it was also Julius Caesar who angered many of the elite Romans over letting the conquered tribes, including Belgians, have seats in the Roman Senate, so I like that about him also. I include this painting I found of Julius Caesar, victory over the Belgians to remember this historic occasion.

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