Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murder Investigation Pressed

The leader of the regional government of Wallonia wants to re-open the unsolved mirder of the republican traitor and President of the Communist Party of Belgium Julien Lahaut who is infamous for shouting "Vive la Republique!" to disrupt the inauguration of King Baudouin on August 11, 1950. Lahaut was shot a week after at his home and the culprits have never been found. On Tuesday the news released that 150,000 euros were available for funding the investigation. I have no sympathy at all for Lahaut, a traitor who left a scar, and later we see set an ugly precedent, for what was supposed to be a national occasion, ruining it for everyone. Even without these circumstances it still is ridiculous that at this time of national difficulty and great economic crisis that the government is choosing to waste money on such an investigation and time when it is sixty years old and the culprits are in all probability long dead by now. Good riddance I say and we have bigger things to be worrying about than that history.


  1. Why is all this money and attention available for that, and not for more important things? Why not get a government together, while we're about it?

  2. That is my first question. At times like this certainly this is a waste and the killers are probably dead already anyway or long gone. Lahaut was also a bad guy, simple, and I cannot feel sorry for the murder of such bad guy as I would a decent and honorable person.