Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Royals Visit Germany

Yesterday and today King Albert II and Queen Paola have made an official state visit to the Federal Republic of Germany. Federal President Christian Wulff welcomed them at his palace and later they also had coffee with Duke Franz of Bavaria, he would be the King of Bavaria if the republic did not exist and is of the same Wittelsbach family of the late Queen Elisabeth. The King also met, naturally, with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel along with hold-over Prime Minister Yves Leterme. It also happens that Leterme is unhappy with Prince Laurent for taking an unauthorized private visit to the Congo lately. Leterme urged him not to do this but the Prince went anyway to study sustainable development projects in Congo. The finance minister, quite upset, spoke of cutting off the allowance of the Prince Laurent if he does not want to take government advice and follow his own wishes. A copy of the speech the King gave in Germany can be found here. The King nicely made mention of the last German-born Queen of the Belgians.

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