Monday, March 7, 2011

New Mediator for the King

SM King Albert II has appointed another mediator for the on-going political 'crisis' that has made government elude the country for the majority of a year going on now. The choice for "Koninklijk Onderhandelaar" or the royal negotiator is Wouter Beke of the Christian Democratic and Flemish Party, last elected Senator in 2007 and a social sciences doctor. He had previously been a researcher at Leuven University, entered politics in Leopoldsburg where he was from and was first elected senator in 2004. He has also served as temporary chairman of the CD&V party. Will Beke have any greater success than those with the job before him? Apologetically, I cannot be an optimist for it. I have the impression that the CD&V have been very uncompromising in all of this, I suspect because of the electoral success of the radical nationalists is forcing them to take a more uncompromising attitude to draw back support from people who may have voted CD&V in the past last time angrily voted N-VA or even VB. His own personal qualities may not matter as much as the overall will of all involved (that is clear I suppose) but no matter how he tries, from his background and the position recent of CD&V there does not seem reason for me to hope for a change. Happily I can be wrong. What is wrong with a mediator from one of the national parties? The BUB is not extreme, why not them? Just a thought.

Crisis theme video

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