Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tragedy in Japon

I have not talked here before about other royal families really but what has happened in Japon is so terrible I thought to say something. I do not try to give an account, the coverage has been extensive everywhere but I know some fellow students from Japon who, even coming from an area not close to the site of the disaster, have been feeling very hard the emotional trauma of this disaster. Since I have complained so much about the political crisis in Belgium, the situation in Japon has made me really put that in perspective. Finally, the Belgian people are not really suffering terribly from the lack of government and despite all the problems things are really good at home, everyone has food, fuel, safety and comfort. What happened in Japon should make everyone more grateful and feel great sympathy for the people there who are experiencing a real tragedy with so much death, so much destruction and so much suffering for everyone. I will send my best positive energy to the people in Japon and I hope they know we are their friends and are feeling sympathy with them.

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